These Striking Photos Show Men Risking Their Lives But You’ll NEVER Guess What For. Unbelievable!

These beautiful and stunning photos were taken by documentary travel photographer Andrew Newey, who recently visited Nepal and spent two weeks photographing an extremely dangerous tradition. The resulting images are breathtaking!For hundreds of years, the Gurung tribespeople have risked their lives collecting something we here in North America probably take for granted.

Twice a year, the Gurung Honey Hunters scale steep cliffs with handmade rope ladders and long sticks (tangos) to harvest honeycomb in the foothills of the Himalayas. The skills of this ancient and sacred tradition have been passed down through the generations. But now the number of bees and traditional honey hunters are in rapid decline as a result of increased commercial interests and climate change.

Andrew shared his incredible photos with and they are republished here with permission.


Gurung Honey Hunter collects honey using a tango. Photograph by Andrew Newey.


Gurung Honey Hunter climbs a rope ladder. Photography by Andrew Newey.



Gurung Honey Hunter climbs rope ladder. Photograph by Andrew Newey.


Gurung Honey Hunter uses tango to collect honey. Photograph by Andrew Newey.



Gurung Honey Hunter collects honeycomb in a basket. Photograph by Andrew Newey.



Gurung Honey Hunters enjoy honeycomb. Photography by Andrew Newey.



Gurung boy enjoying fresh wild honey, Annapurna Himalayas, Nepal. Photograph by Andrew Newey.


Andrew Newey is an award-winning documentary travel photographer and offers adventure expeditions and tutorials on photography. You can find out more about his work at his website and Facebook page.

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