Teacher Gives Birth While Dead, Then Returns to Life

Erica Nigrelli, a teacher in Texas, went into her co-worker’s classroom to say she didn’t feel well. She then collapsed after her heart stopped due to an undetected defect. She was 36 weeks pregnant.

Also in the school was Erica’s husband, Nathan. He called 911 upon seeing his wife on the floor.

“My wife is having a seizure. She’s on the floor,” Nathan told operators. “Oh my God! She’s pregnant and she’s foaming, unresponsive.”

Co-workers came to her aid and revived her long enough for the paramedics to rush her to the hospital. They stopped CPR so they could deliver the baby via post-mortem, emergency c-section.

One doctor said, “There were two lives that were hanging in the balance the whole time.”

But ultimately, little Elayna was born a healthy 9 pound baby and her mom’s heart defect has been corrected with a pacemaker. They two are alive, happy, and together now.


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