This Secret Code Led to a Fairy Tale Wedding for an 81 Year Old Woman

Cynthia Riggs decided to take up mystery writing 10 years ago; she is divorced and her kids are grown up, so she needed a hobby. Even though she familiar with mysteries, she never expected to be involved in a romantic mystery of her own!

She received a cryptic message in the mail without a return address. Although it was unreadable to most people, she didn’t need a cypher to decode it; she knew EXACTLY who it was from.

60 years ago, Cynthia worked in a marine laboratory with a man named Howard Attebery. They used to exchange notes that were relatively simple to decode, but most people didn’t know how to.

Although Howard loved Cynthia, he never dared to ask her out because he thought she didn’t feel the same way. Eventually, they went their separate ways and married different people. But, at the age of 90, Howard realized he needed to be honest and tell her how he felt.

He mailed a note to her home in Massachusetts that said, “Cynner, I have never stopped loving you. Haward xx” in their secret code.

After receiving the note, she tracked Howard down. They got engaged an hour after meeting and then had a fairytale wedding. It’s never too late to find true love!


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