A Homeless, One-Eyed Dog That Will Win Your Heart

A man told one family that he needed them to check up on his hunting dog. He was relocating and needed to see how the dog was doing. When the dog was finally found on an abandoned farm, it was obvious he was chained up for years without human contact. He was terrified, basically homeless and needed love and medical attention.

That’s when Ringo found a home. They named him, rescued him and decided to love him, no matter what the cost. After getting him used to people and feeding him normally for the first time, his new family took him to a vet. They discovered that he had a blood clotting disorder and needed to lose an eye, but they never gave up on him. They wanted to give him the home he deserved.

Look below at Ringo’s journey; you’ll fall in love with him just as much as they did!


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