Nothing Could Prepare Me For What Lay Inside This Cove. Nothing.

What you’re looking at is located near Clarence Town on Long Island in the Bahamas. At the surface of the water, the cove has a circular shape with a diameter of around 30m.

But when you dive into the cove, it widens into a cavern opening over 100m across! The cove is actually part of a much larger “blue hole” – a name given to any deep cave or sinkhole that is filled by water and accessible below the water surface.



Blue holes received their name because of the beautiful contrast between different shades of blue that are observed from above 


Most blue holes reach only 100m in depth, but Dean’s Blue Hole stretches on to nearly 200m! 


Scientists believe it was created in the last ice age, when the sea level was much lower


Groundwater dissolved the limestone until the ceiling collapsed, and then the seas rose and filled them with water 


Today, Dean’s Blue Hole is a popular spot for snorkeling and diving 


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