Momma Dog Adopts Orphaned Litter After Tornado

After the Oklahoma tornadoes ravaged towns in the Midwest, humans weren’t the only ones stepping up to the plate to help out. One mother dog, after experiencing tragedy of her own, rescued an orphaned litter of puppies.

This stray 2 year-old Rottweiler was scheduled to be put down, but as she was pregnant, a shelter volunteer decided to take her. Once they brought her home, she went into labor. After a strenuous process, the birth was unsuccessful and the puppies died.

But, shortly after the tornadoes struck nearby towns, there was a need for a lactating mother dog. Six newborn pups were orphaned after the storms and desperately needed a family. That’s when the stray stepped up to the plate. She took in the strange pups as if they were her own. Now, they are one big, happy family.


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