Marine Keeps Promise to Dog in Afghanistan

Marine Sgt. Ross Gundlach served as a dog handler in Afghanistan where he met a beautiful yellow lab named Casey. Together they searched for explosives and even managed to disarm three of them before exploding, saving countless lives. It was at some point during his service that Gundlach made Casey a promise: if we get out of this alive, I will find you and adopt you.


That’s when about two months ago, Gundlach learned that Casey had finished her military service and was sent to the Iowa State Fire Marshal’s Office to work for them. He put together a case for two months – pictures and letters – pleading with them to let him adopt her. That’s when something really heartwarming happened.

The fire marshal told Gundlach he could come to a ceremony where he could talk to them about this possibility. What he didn’t know is, with the help of the local Elk’s Association’s donations, Casey was already paid for and waiting for Gundlach’s loving arms. These photos tell the rest of the story, showing the moment they reunited.


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