A boy with autism sent a letter to his favorite TV show. What he received in return was priceless.

When a boy with autism mailed a letter to his favorite television show, “Pawn Stars”, he had no way to know that they would even read it. But they did, and what they did afterwards was awesome.

On the show Pawn Stars, the stars assess the value of goods brought into a pawn shop. They boy, named “Little J”, came up with the idea to offer to sell his Gameboy.

Little J’s mom said, “Little J is a huge fan of ‘Pawn Stars,’ and he talks about the show incessantly. I encouraged him to write them a letter, which he did, and he offered to sell his Gameboy to them for $30. I added a cover letter describing J and his autism — and although I told them that I didn’t expect them to actually buy his Gameboy, I did ask if they could at least reply.”

Not only did one of the show’s stars, Rick Harrison, reply, he sent Little J $30 and returned his Gameboy with the following note:


It was just a small act of kindness from a TV star, but without a doubt, it was monumental to a little boy with autism, and that is why this is awesome.

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