This father was given 5 years to live. What he’s doing for his only daughter touched my heart.

Garth Callaghan loves being a father to his only daughter Emma. Since Emma was in the second grade, Garth has been spending his early mornings finding the perfect quote to include in his daughter’s lunch box. The quotes he uses have multiple functions: to support a quiz, to provide encouragement for a big game, or just to show his love, but they all have one thing in common. They are always written on a napkin and they always give him one moment in the day to connect with his daughter.

At 44 years old, Garth has been diagnosed with cancer three times since November 2011 and statistics say he has an 8% chance of living past 5 years. Garth may die, but he will not let Emma eat lunch without that note. This is his promise to write one napkin note for every day of class Emma has until she graduates from high school. To date, he has completed 740 notes. 86 more to go.

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Garth is doing this for Emma…because he said he would.

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