Officer Works Endlessly to Find Homes for 7 Abandoned Puppies

When Alexis Creek RCMP officer, Cst. Krista Mangan, found seven abandoned puppies, she dedicated herself to finding them forever homes; the effort she put into helping these innocent pups is simply astounding. Soon after finding the puppies, she posted on multiple social networks, looking for friends and family that might be interested.

Not long after her initial posts, she found six homes for six puppies. Kirsta is confident that she will find a home for the last puppy; she won’t give up until she does.

“As part of working with Alexis Creek First Nations as their RCMP liaison, I sit on the Safety Committee board. That committee is an integral part of identifying and solving many safety issues that arise. Stray dogs are one of the hot topics, and several solutions are being proposed at this time. I have a soft spot for animals, and knew that I would be able to find homes for them easily”, says Cst. Krista Mangan.

In Alexis Creek, stray dogs are a big issue. Many pet owners aren’t educated about spaying/neutering their animals in order to help combat the stray population. Krista is determined to also educate her community on the topic, that way she won’t run across more innocent puppies without homes.



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