Life is going to be so much better now that I know these 35 solutions to simple problems

Life can be made so much better with these easy and awesome life hacks. Check them out and start winning at life!

Turn airplane mode on for much faster charging.


The arrows on your fuel gauge show you which side of the car the tank is on.


Pinching the end of a banana can help you open it easily.


If you’re in a bind, you can make a laptop bag out of a hoodie.


Just use a key ring to fix a broken zipper.


If your toilet is clogged and overflowing, turn this knob. It will stop water from going into the tank.


If you get brain freeze, put your tongue on the roof of your mouth. This will help warm up your soft palate.


Think of months as knuckles. The bumps are months with 31 days and the spaces are months with 30 (or 28, if it’s February).


Remove furniture scratches with a walnut


Cut the handle off of a jug for an easy, instant dustpan.


Glue a suction cup to a tennis ball and cut a strip in it. Now, that ball will hold anything for you.


Putting your car remote underneath your open mouth can help increase its range.


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